My first submission

After handing in my first set of coursework on Tuesday I felt now would be a good time to start documenting my journey through studying Graphic Design at Coventry University, as I’ve officially handed in my first lot of work! I’ve already learnt a lot since starting in October and I’m so excited to learn more and expand my mind!

A bit about me… After leaving school in 2011 I threw myself into full time work, working behind tills then following my passion for baking to make cakes and other treats at a local patisserie. The patisserie discovered my creative flare and got me working on product development. This lead to me working part time in the office producing leaflets, handouts, brochures and more. Since then there was no stopping me! I started throwing myself into anything creative I could get my hands on; invitations, thank you notes, pregnancy announcements, celebration and greetings cards… Until it hit me that I had to study this further, this was what I should be doing for a job, and as Jessica Hische said,

 “The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life”

So I applied to my local university (which just so happens to be in the top 20 design universities of the UK!) and I got in! My first day I was a wreck, full of self doubt, thinking I had made the wrong decision or that I had been accepted by accident but I soon realised that everyone had different skills and ideas, there is so much talent that I can learn from, so many people with great ideas and I’m now in my element. Every day I’m inspired by the lectures and briefs, I leave in the afternoon looking at the abundance of design around me, the effort that has gone into each and every object, the typeface on a road sign, the layout of a poster, the colours in a logo! It’s like my eyes have been opened to this other dimension that I was totally unaware of.

Here I can document what I’ve learned, review what I have designed, get opinions, and be inspired by other people’s work! So please bear with me, I’m trying to juggle uni, a job and a life, and I’m terrible at writing, but my intentions are good! Anyway I didn’t go to university to become literate, I went to DESIGN!


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