Brief: Create a poster for KENZO using collage in your design

For our second brief in Design Contexts (we won’t talk about the first brief…) we had to create a poster for the promotional campaign for KENZO’s new collection Animalism: Survival of the Fittest. We were not allowed to show any products, we simply had to interpret the theme and create an arresting, exhilarating visual response using collage.

Earlier that day we had looked at the different types of collage you can get including isolation, juxtaposition and repetition:


Isolation – singling out a part of an image to make it the focus of attention.

“If one were to displace a hand by severing it from an arm, that hand becomes more wonderful as a hand.” – André Breton, 1928

Magazine cutout to represent isolation – scanned in from my sketchbook


Juxtaposition – to merge two separate images together with contrasting effect.

“There I found brought together elements of figuration so remote that the sheer absurdity of that collection provokes a sudden intensification of the visionary faculties in me.” – Max Ernst, 1920

Magazine cutout and physically altered to represent juxtaposition – scanned in from my sketchbook


Repetition – one object or shape repeated.

“A day will come when, by means of similitude relayed along the length of a series, the image itself, along with the name it bears, will lose its identity.” – Michel Foucault, 1983

Magazine cutout and modified in Photoshop to represent repetition – scanned in from my sketchbook

To begin with I researched previous KENZO posters and decided to tie in with their previous style to try a mix of juxtaposition and isolation.

First idea

My initial idea was to use an image of a model and overlay an image of an owl on her face. I decided to use the theme of a ‘masquerade’ to suggest class and elegance in the product.

The feedback I received from my classmates and tutor suggested I try a model with a more ‘fierce’ ethnicity, try using space to accentuate the model and try a different, more daring background colour. This lead to my next idea of combining different animals into the masque.

Critique development from my initial idea

I combined a few different animals that are higher in the food chain to form the masque, creating a hypersensitive super-animal effect. I used a deep red background to represent ‘blood’ however this didn’t print off as shown on screen so instead of lightening it was suggested I use a brighter, more vibrant colour. The emphasis was on isolation in this design, using the plainly coloured background as a feature as suggested. I also shaped the text to continue the shape of the wrists and arms to blend it in with the isolated image of the model.

Final Piece


To complete my poster I shaped the masque to fit the models face better and replaced the red background with a lighter blue one to give it a more ‘KENZO’ feel. I also used Arcon, a Helvetica style typeface, to portray simplicity and cleanliness rather than the typewriter style typeface previously used.


To create this poster I used Adobe Photoshop as this is the software I am most familiar with. I hope to expand my knowledge soon in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.


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