Alternative approach for a blog post

Task: Write to someone who inspires you, explaining what their example has meant to you, how they helped you deal with problems

Dear Grandma,

I like to hear about when you started your baking business. It’s inspiring to hear how you took a skill that you had and turned it into a locally well-known business, providing delicious desserts to so many local restaurants and cafés and most importantly supporting your family and friends. It just shows anyone can achieve anything if they work at it and are committed! I know this meant giving up time spent with your family in the evenings, it meant some days you were so exhausted yet you had such a supportive family (who learnt from the best!) to help you get through. This has shown me that to reach your goal sometimes sacrifices must be made but with the support of family and friends anything is possible!

When I first started studying Graphic Design at Coventry University I had so much self-doubt, I felt like my work standard was so much further lower than everyone else and that I could not reach all the deadlines set. Then I thought of your determination, the struggles you went through and the personal time you had to sacrifice to create such a successful business and realised I had the same blood in me and that I could reach the deadlines required if I took a leaf from your book! I wish to start my own business, similar to yourself but focusing on Graphic Design instead and I know that if you could manage it with three children and a husband to feed then I can manage it!

Even today you still inspire and encourage me to do my best, you never give up and are a determined and dedicated figure I can always look to for personal strength. Thank you for being you.

Love from,

Your eldest (and favourite 😉) granddaughter!

Having fun with Grandma! From left to right – Me, Grandma, Jonathan (brother), Rosemary (sister)

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