Why Graphic Design?

For my whole life, I have been unsure on what I wanted to be when I grew up. When I was 8 I wanted to be an actress, when I was 13 I wanted to be an accountant, when I was 17 I wanted to be a photographer and when I was 19 I wanted to study astronomy. A big mix, right? At A Level I studied Photography, Performing Arts, Physics, Maths, and French. I didn’t go to uni straight away and instead dipped my hand in the world of work, doing jobs ranging from customer service to baking cakes and desserts (I was fortunately given the opportunity to really test out my creative design skills in this role) to patient administration for radiography. Again, a big mix!


I discovered things about myself when in each different job…

Customer service

  • I enjoy socialising with people
  • I enjoy a job more when there is a variety of things to do
  • I don’t like to be bogged down with mundane, repetitive tasks for very long



  • I can push myself further than I thought – 16 hour days and physically exhausting
  • I’m good at organising a small team and making sure things run smoothly
  • I won’t leave a job half finished
  • I can find creative ways to make a job easier
  • I am physically stronger than I ever thought
  • If I push my creative skills towards the right people, it will be recognised
  • I’m consistent
  • Once I set my mind to tackle something I become very focused
  • I make a mighty fine tuna mix!


Patient administration

  • If I keep a positive mental attitude I can enjoy any job
  • I have a hunger for knowledge
  • Only when I fully understand something can I do my best work
  • I find ways to make tasks quicker and easier
  • I respond positively to pressure and deadlines


My most recent job dealing with PET scans made me realise I was always going to be more than an office employee inputting meaningless (to me) data day in day out. I was constantly curious what things meant and why we did them. I kept googling terms I came across that I didn’t understand and must have driven my colleagues and managers crazy with all my questions! It was there that I shared my passions with people, baking, photography and designing. I brought in cakes regularly which was always received well. I offered my photography skills, which lead to me organising and shooting a maternity shoot which was great fun! I always expressed how I would like the opportunity to design things for others, hoping someone would give me a brief to work to when I was offered the opportunity to design a pregnancy announcement! It was then that one of my colleagues asked me why I didn’t study something related to design, perhaps Graphic Design? And it was as though a light was turned on and everything became clear! Why I hadn’t thought of this before I couldn’t answer. Graphic Design, the perfect answer to solve my crave for creativity!


Looking back at my past work before I came to uni, it was all very basic but you can clearly see a progression of creativity and ability. If I could redo them all I probably would now that I’ve learnt some important things! I just wanted to create! I guess really that’s why people go and study a subject! So here’s some of my work that I did (please bear in mind I was a lot younger and didn’t have much experience!)…



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